Updating photographs

The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be truer on a website.

your_reflex1This is especially the case now as more and more potential guests focus on images whilst browsing accommodation options on their tablets or smartphones.

Imagine someone who is researching their holiday online, they have probably visited dozens of websites comparing lots of different properties. You need to make sure that when they see your website they stop searching and say “I want to go there”.  Good quality photographs make this difference.

Unless you are amazing at taking photographs we highly recommend getting a professional photographer. It doesn’t cost much and, because they have the proper equipment and know-how, the results speak for themselves.


Some good photo tips

Take good interior photos as well as exterior. People want to see what the property looks like inside.  It gives them confidence.

Don’t rush in on a changeover day snapping. Set aside proper time to plan the photos.

Make sure the property looks its best. It is important to accurately portray the actual layout and facilities and “dress” your property for the best impact.  Simple props like a farmhouse loaf and the table set for breakfast will enhance the kitchen. Plump up the pillows and pull back the bedspread to make a bedroom look more inviting. Fresh flowers and a book or folded newspaper can give a lived-in look to a sitting room.

Show decent sized photographs, or allow users to click on them to open them in a larger size. People want detail.

Regularly update photos. You are probably constantly making improvements so make sure you take photos regularly to reflect these improvements on your website. We recommend setting aside time every year to take new photos.

Try to get people in some of the photos. It is useful to have some photos with people enjoying your property or its environs. This is especially important if your offering includes activities.

If you would prefer to have professional photographs taken we have arranged a special rate with Your Reflection Studio, prices starting at just £125 for a suite of pictures which you will own and can use for any marketing activity. Just let us know and we will make the arrangements for you.