Property details

  • Information that will be published on our website

  • Please help us to improve where your listing page appears on any Google search. In the interests of good practice of search engine optimisation please do not use copy you have previously used on other websites. Google, and other search engines, can penalise or spam websites that have duplicate content and remove them from search listings. This would affect the website that original text came from and our website. At present you are unable to save this form and return to it at a later date to complete it. If you would prefer you can download this form as a word document using the link below and email this to us.

Accommodation & Facilities

  • Detail every room in your holiday home and list all appliances, furniture and information a potential guest would find useful.
  • Room 1

  • Room 2

  • Room 3

  • Room 4

  • Room 5

  • Room 6

  • Room 7

Additional Information

  • This will be shown as a bullet point list. Features should be information that can make your holiday home stand out and can 'sell' a booking in your holiday home over others.
  • Rates

  • Thanks, that's everything we need just now apart for some pictures of your property. When you submit this form you will be automatically redirected to a page where you may submit pictures. If you would prefer us to take pictures of your property (free of charge) or need some help in getting pictures to us let us know.


Download property details for in Word document format (.docx)